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FPRS offers complimentary services to Letting Agents aimed at preventing homelessness and ensuring tenancy sustainability. Our goal is to enhance our connections within the private sector and foster a greater awareness of how our sustainment services can effectively support Letting Agents in Fife.

As a Letting Agent, your role encompasses comprehensive management of all aspects of a tenancy on behalf of your landlords. This includes addressing the needs of tenants who may require support due to vulnerabilities, financial constraints, or other issues that could potentially result in property maintenance or rent arrears concerns.

Often, agents may lack the necessary resources or knowledge of local support agencies to effectively assist in such situations. This is where FPRS can step in to offer support.

By taking advantage of the services provided by FPRS now, you can actively contribute to the prevention of homelessness and the sustainability of tenancies in the Private Rented Sector.
Reach out to us today to explore how we can support you in fulfilling your role and obligations within the rental market.

Financial assistance

Advanced Income Maximisation (AIM) focuses on exploring income solutions with tenants to ease financial strain by optimising benefits and funding sources. FPRS offers support in accessing eligible benefits and provides referrals to local food banks or organisations like Cosy Kingdom, considering the "Cost of Living Crisis."

Between July 2022 and March 2024, FPRS assisted 56 clients in securing benefit backdates amounting to £95,966 and increased monthly income for clients by a total of £24,196.

Tenancy assistance

Our service encompasses setting up utilities, financial aid, benefits assistance, and furnishing procurement for tenancy establishment. We also facilitate direct payments for rent and bills and provide access to support services. Additionally, we offer interim assistance throughout the tenancy, including tenancy management, referrals, and housing issue resolution.

Rent resolution

In cases of rent payment interruptions, failed negotiations, job loss, or benefit system challenges, FPRS intervenes to find solutions and negotiate repayment agreements. Additionally, we research funding options to alleviate rent arrears. The team have successfully accessed £24,711 in funding to reduce or clear rent arrears over the last 12 months ensuring security of accommodation for 10 households.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our rent resolution and Advanced Income Maximisation services are here to help. Tenants can be assisted to improve their financial situation and consider any additional benefit entitlement. Assistance can be provided to have housing costs paid direct to you as letting agent.

The rent resolution service can assist with rent arrears focussing on sustainment in the PRS. We can discuss how this can help in your situation.

FPRS have a number of options to assist clients have a deposit in place to secure a property. Please ask the prospective tenant to get in touch and will provide full assistance.

FPRS assist any person interested in renting a property. We have a list of single applicants , couples and families looking for property. Our clients are working and/or receiving some benefit assistance. Many of our clients have rent in advance, a cash deposit and good references available. We are simply helping them find their perfect home.

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