Fife Private Rental Solutions

Solving Your Housing Need,
Finding Your Home

Solving Your Housing Need,
Finding Your Home

Fife Private Rental Solutions, your comprehensive resource for addressing private rented sector housing concerns. As an Ethical Letting Agent and a dynamic housing advice hub, we strive to offer a more expansive and inclusive approach to cater to your diverse needs.


Advice and Guidance
Property Identification
Deposit Assistance
Rent Resolution
Issue Resolution and Mediation
Landlord Advisory Services
Advanced Income Maximisation
Property Management Services

How Can I Apply?

Contact forms on this website.
Call us directly at 01592 201849.
Reach out to us through our Facebook or Twitter accounts.
If you're already in contact with Fife Council’s Housing Options Officers, they can make a direct referral to us on your behalf.
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Ben Moffatt
Senior Housing Consultant

I oversee all FPRS casework, manage the team, and lead on development of the service. I have worked for the organisation for 20 years and before this as a letting agent for 6 years.

Marc McHardy
Letting Officer

I have recently started with FPRS as a lettings officer. I bring over 14 years of housing experience split between a letting agency then a housing support provider. I look forward to working with landlords and spreading the word of the excellent, ethical services we provide.

Alison Allison
Advanced Income Maximisation Officer

I have over 27 years’ experience in social care, currently with Trust in Fife for 7 years.  I facilitate with client’s income and health support needs, and if appropriate will assist and make applications within the benefit systems or signpost if preferred.

Tenancy Management Officer

I have been a Tenancy Management Officer at FPRS for 2 year, transitioning from social care services, dedicated to aiding clients in sourcing and sustaining affordable accommodation

Tenancy Management Assistant

I have a background in Customer services and Admin. Looking forward to expanding my knowledge regarding resolving issues in housing and the private rented sector. 

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Rent Resolution Application

FPRS offer a rent resolution service where support can be provided to help reduce and or clear rent arrears. Our aim is to help sustain accommodation and to prevent homelessness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Fife Private Rental Solutions, we want to help tenants, landlords and letting agents by offering advice and guidance.

To help with this, we have collated a number of frequently asked questions for you to access.