Fife Private Rental Solutions


FPRS offers tailored services for individuals in private rented accommodation or those seeking to rent in the private sector. Our comprehensive support includes expert advice on legal property obligations, effective mediation for resolving tenancy disputes, deposit assistance and support in finding suitable tenancies. We prioritise ensuring a smooth and fulfilling renting experience for all our clients.

Property searches

FPRS will look to optimise a tenant's financial resources, ensuring they can afford a suitable property. Our guidance encompasses effective property search methods, understanding landlord/agent preferences, navigating property viewings, and completing tenancy applications successfully, potentially leading to lease offers. We empower tenants to make informed decisions throughout the rental process.

Some common and easy to use search sites for rentals in Fife are:

Financial assistance

FPRS is committed to supporting individuals with lower incomes, facilitating their access to the private rented sector. We provide personalised assistance, advance income maximisation, suggestions for securing rent in advance, and access to schemes such as our deposit assistance scheme and other funding grants to ease tenancy challenges.

Various independent agencies, such as Turn2us, Entitled to, and Citizens Advice Bureau, also offer advice on financial matters, funding opportunities, and understanding benefit entitlements. Additionally, considering a Credit Union like Kingdom Community Bank can provide membership benefits, offering avenues for savings and access to loans for various needs like holidays, gifts, household items, or unforeseen expenses. Discover more about Kingdom Community Bank by following the provided link:

Rent Resolution

If rent payments are disrupted, negotiation efforts falter, or challenges arise due to job loss or benefits issues, FPRS can intervene to facilitate a mutually beneficial resolution and support the continuity of the tenancy. To explore assistance options tailored to your circumstances, complete the Rent Resolution Application below.

Issue/Tenancy Resolution

FPRS is committed to facilitating solutions for landlords and tenants to sustain their tenancy. Whether it's addressing repair concerns or resolving neighbour disputes, FPRS actively works to resolve issues. Additionally, our comprehensive service identifies support requirements, empowering tenants to maintain their accommodation successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have had a decision of ‘no local connection’ ‘not homeless’ or ‘no entitlement to public funds’. FPRS will provide advice to any person interested in living in a private let in Fife. Their homeless status or connection to Fife is not a factor in our decisions.

Our team can provide advice regarding affordability with private rents and discuss any benefits that may assist you to pay for your rent. If you have no income or entitlement to benefits then paying for a private rent may be challenging and may not be the best option.

Our team are happy to assist in maximising your finances or discussing addition funding opportunities to assist in having rent in advance for the property.

A guarantor will countersign your lease and take over any obligations that you are unable to meet. We are unable to act as a guarantor for property.

Affordability is based on your family make up and any other income. We are on hand to discuss and assist with the completion of benefit entitlement calculations. This will allow you to have a full understanding of what assistance is available.

FPRS also operate an Advanced Income Maximisation service. Staff can assist in getting the benefits and assistance you are entitled to.

If you are in housing crisis and require immediate assistance, during office hours please visit your nearest Fife Council Local Office, or contact Fife Council’s Information, Advice & Prevention team: 03451 550033, or after 5pm and at weekends, Fife Council’s Out of Hours line: 0800 0286231

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